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Harding & Associates Tax Services specialise in representing foreign owners of US property before the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), State and local County taxing authorities.


The firm is based in Central Florida, representing thousands of offshore property investors and rental property homeowners from over 80 countries with a combined portfolio of hundreds of millions of US $’s.


Harding & Associates Tax Services is proud to provide clients with an education and understanding of US property ownership and tax compliance.  If you have purchased, or intend purchasing US property or land for investment or to generate rental income there are several areas of tax compliance of which you should be aware; including US income tax, local & state taxes & licensing, capital gains tax & FIRPTA withholding...


A Place In The Sun - Olympia, London

We invite our UK clients and investors to visit us at our stand in the Florida Pavilion at Olympia March 28th - 30th.  Click on the banner to register and receive your free ticket.



Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA)

Harding & Associates Tax Services, Inc. is an IRS appointed Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA).  Non-resident owners of US rental property requiring ITINs can visit our offices in Kissimmee or Auburndale where we will prepare ITIN applications, certify original identification documentation (such as original passport OR driver license and birth certificate) and verity the applicant's identification.  If the applicant is unable to visit our offices in person our office will arrange a video conference to verify the applicant's identity.

Property Tax Bill - payment reminder

Owners of properties located in Florida, please note - your 2013 Property Tax Bill is due to be paid by March 31st, 2014.


If you have a US loan then your payment may have been made by your lender from your escrow account. 


If you do not have a US loan and you have not already submitted your payment then your payment should be submitted to the Tax Collector's Office by the due date in order to avoid late payment penalties and interest charges.  You can view your bill and either mail or make payment online by visiting the Tax Collectors' website.


Frequently asked questions...


What is Property Tax?


Property tax is a locally assessed tax which is payable annually regardless of whether the property is rented or personally used.  The tax is used to support local government services including education, roads, emergency services etc.


How is the property value assessed for billing?


Property Tax - is based on the value of your property during the preceding tax year and is due annually.     The sale price of similar properties within the same subdivision are assessed and a value determined by the Property Appraiser's Office annually.


What if I disagree with the assessed value?


Assessments of tax values were mailed out during August 2013 and the appeal period expired in September 2013.


I have a US mortgage with an escrow account - do I have to pay this bill?


If you have a US mortgage, your bill may have been paid through your escrow account by your lender.  If you do not have a US mortgage or your mortgage was raised in your home country you should pay this bill directly to the Collector of Taxes. The 2013 bill is due by March 31st, 2014 with discounts available for early payment. 


I did not own my property for all of last year - why am I billed for the full year?


If you purchased your property during the tax year you should have received a credit on your settlement statement for the period of the tax year that you did not own the property.  The bill that you receive in November will represent the tax due for the FULL year.